Public Relations on the Net
Charting the future of public relations
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Public Relations on the Net

Everyone knows about the Internet as a great way to market and sell. Yet few organizations have tapped even a fraction of the Net's power for true public relations.

Paul Holmes

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The Internet has revolutionized both the delivery and the dynamics of public relations messages. This technique-based book reveals how anyone, from business owners to PR practitioners, can use online media to dramatically improve the performance of PR initiatives, with hundreds of guidelines for delivering memorable messages taking advantage of the unique, interactive strengths of the Internet.

Updating its seminal first edition, Public Relations on the Net features strategies and tactics that show how to use the latest technologies and techniques to tap into and use the power of the Internet's networked communities. The book provides:
* PR applications of e-mail, the Web, and online communities
* Techniques for integrating the Internet with traditional communications tools
* Case studies to use as benchmarks for online PR efforts

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