Worldpay Drafts In Finsbury As IPO Looms
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Worldpay Drafts In Finsbury As IPO Looms

Payments giant gears up for £6bn stock market listing by hiring public relations support.

Holmes Report

Worldpay Drafts In Finsbury As IPO Looms

LONDON—Payment processing giant Worldpay has named Finsbury as its corporate and financial PR firm ahead of a £6bn stock market listing.

The brief is a new one, and does not impact Worldcom's work with other PR firms, including Golin.

"Finsbury demonstrated the right mix of experience, ideas and international reach," Worldpay director of communications Phil McManus told the Holmes Report. "We look forward to working with them as we continue to grow our business."

Worldpay's flotation will be one of the City's biggest in years, and comes five years after the company was sold by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Since then, Worldpay has grown rapidly to handle 26m transacations daily across 40 countries, driving expected pre-tax profit of £400m in 2015.

Finsbury managing partner James Murgatroyd will lead the account with support from colleagues James Fearnley and Andrew Hughes.

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