2013 PR Trend Forecast
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2013 PR Trend Forecast

The Holmes Report calls in global experts from a variety of sectors to tell us about the PR trends that will define 2013.

Holmes Report

The Holmes Report's annual multi-part series explores how various trends will affect the growth prospects for key public relations disciplines:

Consumer Marketing: Profit and purpose collide as brands look to convince convince people of their values.

Financial: Barclays comms head Stephen Doherty leads the call for greater responsibility from banks.

Technology: Broader skillsets will significantly impact a sector that continues to lead change in the PR industry.

Digital: A pivotal year for social media and analytics beckons.

Corporate: The blurring of the line between consumer branding and corporate reputation and the importance of leadership from the very top.

Healthcare: An industry in flux reckons with the patent cliff and social media challenges.

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2013 Trend Forecast
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