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Arment Dietrich

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Most established public relations firms have approached the growth of social media tentatively, unsure how—or in some cases whether—to incorporate those new channels into their mainstream media relations campaigns. Not so Arment Dietrich, a three-year-old Chicago firm that is as comfortable in the on- and offline word-of-mouth arena as it is dealing with traditional media. The firm’s blog, one of the liveliest covering the public relations business, is called The Fight Against Destructive Spin, which gives a sense of Arment Dietrich’s philosophy.
 Founded in 2003 by Gini Dietrich, formerly of Rhea & Kaiser and before that Fleishman-Hillard, and current president of the Chicago chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, Arment Dietrich focuses on four core industry sectors: hospitality and lifestyle, packaged goods, financial services, and lawn and garden. But it distinguished as much by its focus on client service, which draws on proprietary technologies—and extensive face-to-face contact—to communicate with clients on a constant basis and guarantees that the work will impact real business objectives: sales, revenues, and awareness.
 The firm has grown significantly in the past 12 months, almost tripling in size—albeit from a small base (Dietrich only began recruiting staff in 2005)—and competing regularly with much larger firms. Major clients include GE Capital Solutions, Bartlett Tree Experts; and GardenTech, with new business over the past 12 months coming from Kelly Registration Systems in the lawn and garden industry; Meridian Hospitality Group, the Hotel of Tomorrow, Meridian Hospitality Group, KeyLime Cove, and Gettys
in the hospitality sector; and Unicous Marketing in consumer packaged goods. Arment Dietrich has also added to its senior ranks, adding Jenna Gruhala as managing supervisor to assist with client service, staff management, and new business efforts.
“What I appreciate most about working with Arment Dietrich is that I know it always approaches each project from the most strategic and creative perspective for our business as a whole, and it focused on
delivering outstanding client service no matter what the initiative,” says Amber Naslund of client Gettys. “I
can count on the team to deliver solutions customized to my business goals that are both creative and savvy while always generating results that exceed our expectations. Best of all, it’s a dynamic team that’s super fun to work with”
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