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Consultores Quantumleap & Partners

Multispecialist; Spain

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Closing in on 30 years in the Spanish market, the theme for Consultores Quantumleap last year was renewal. The firm introduced a new website, a new brand—it is now Consultores Quantumleap & Partners—and (as the name implies) new partners. The firm also added several new services. Traditionally known for its broad corporate and marketing capabilities, the firm has introduced government relations and digital services in recent years, and last year added expertise in business intelligence, events and advertising.
Founder and chief executive Jesus Timoteo Álvarez now presides over a senior team drawn from the ranks of journalism, advertising, economics, law and architecture (the latter strengthening the design side of the events business).
The firm’s experience is reflected in the tenure of some of its larger clients, a mix of large Spanish companies and government bodies and major multinationals. Clients such as Herbalife have been there since the mid 90s, and the firm continues to work with domestic appliance manufacturer Indesit. The past 12 months have seen the addition of several new clients including Murprotec, AOGLP (the Spanish gas association), Molecor and the Direct Selling Association. That led to some modest growth in 2010, despite the difficult financial conditions in Spain.
Recent years have seen an expansion of the firm’s reach into Latin America, where CQLP handles several regional assignments. One recent project involved coordinating PR activity across 22 countries. CQL is also a member of the IPREX network of independent public relations firms.
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