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Prior to launching his own firm, Dan Klores had been right-hand man to media maven Howard Rubenstein, focusing largely on New York’s media and entertainment industries, and for the first decade of its existence—it launched in 1991—Dan Klores Communications was known primarily for its media relations expertise. But in the past couple of years, DKC has become a more well-rounded marketing communications firm, supplementing its stellar publicity programs with high-profile special events and broader brand counsel, handling many of the year’s biggest news breakers.
 In the entertainment arena, the firm generated national and international buzz and awareness for client RCA and the launch of the “Elvis: 30 #1 Hits” CD, securing national feature coverage over a six-moth period, helping keep the CD at the top of Billboard’s album chart. The firm was also retained by the NFL to coordinate local, national and international publicity outreach for the league’s opening day concert, featuring Bon Jovi live in Times Square. Meanwhile, Miramax retained DKC to launch Rudy Giuliani’s new book, Leadership (Guiliani’s consulting firm is also a client) and plan and execute the former mayor’s book tour. Finally, DKC continued its work with Cantor Fitzgerald, which hired DKC in October 2001 after CEO Howard Lutnick became a lightening rod for negative coverage for his company’s response to employee issues post-9/11.
 In addition to Klores, the management team includes John Marino, who leads the government, not-for-profit and education groups; Linda Floccuzio, who oversees strategic planning and new business; and Sean Cassidy, who leads the healthcare and corporate groups as well as many major media accounts. The key additions in 2002 were Floccuzio, formers executive vice president, managing director of NW Ayer Detroit and a 16-year veteran of marketing and advertising at General Motors and Diane Briskin, who leads the hospitality and lifestyle group and was formerly vice president of sales and marketing for W Hotels.
 The firm has grown to about 100 professionals, and has expertise in several categories, including media and entertainment, hospitality, not-for-profits, fashion, education, sports, healthcare and technology. Clients include W Hotels, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Giuliani Partners, Estée Lauder, Piaget, Kate Spade, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Universal Studios, and Brillstein-Grey Entertainment.
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