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The people at Eulogy think of themselves as “marketers who specialize in public relations,” a positioning that helps earn the firm a seat at the strategy table, where it can add maximum value by helping clients define their positioning and craft their messaging, rather than simply handling the media relations implementation of someone else’s strategy. The firm’s work is underpinned by a strategic approach it calls simply “Clarity,” which begins with a thorough interrogation of the client brief, and culminates in clear differentiation. And while the firm’s heritage—it was founded in 1996—is largely in the business-to-business realm where it focused much of its energy for the first decade of its existence, the past four or five years have seen a rapid and conspicuously successful expansion into the consumer space, which now accounts for slightly more than a third of the firm’s business and has helped drive its impressive recent growth.

Like many firms, Eulogy has devoted considerable energy over the past 12 months to expanding and integrating its digital offering, having acquired Onlinefire in 2008. The online public relations specialist was integrated into the agency in 2010, and the merged agency has picked up digital and social media assignments from Paramount and the Post Office and has been recognized at the Digi Corp Comms Awards. In September, Eulogy added Rax Lakhani as director of the Onlinefire operation.

Growth for the year was better than 5 percent, and Eulogy will end the year with income of around £3.6 million, thanks to an 86 percent client retention rate (and a 90 percent staff retention rate). The firm continues to work for a distinguished client list that includes Royal Mail, Virgin Media, Moneysupermarket, Brown Forman (Chambord and Tuaca), and Comedy Central, with new business from Santander, Paramount, Apollo Cinemas, William Grant & Sons (Monkey Shoulder), Duvel Moorgat Breweries, and Viagogo. It picked up an award from the PRCA for a viral campaign for Virgin Media, promoting the company’s new 50MB super-speed broadband. Other interesting assignments include the public relations amplification of’s ad campaign, Haggling Heroes; promoting the Monkey Shoulder tree house at various festivals throughout the summer; and introducing Rock’n’Roll, Britain Alone, and Wallace & Gromit Christmas stamps for the Royal Mail.

“Eulogy! has presented us with phenomenal creative ideas,” says Anthony Frost, head of corporate communications for Santander. “But what distinguishes the team from other agencies is their ability to strategically position a campaign alongside its creativity, meaning the results are always aligned with our business objectives.” Adds Gaele Lalahy, digital marketing manager, Panasonic: “Having worked on the original launch of Next Generation Talent, Eulogy! was the natural choice for this year’s project and our HD Blu-Ray Recorder launch. As a specialist in online PR and social media, the team marries strengths in strategy and creative to deliver impactful campaigns that resonate with our target audiences.”

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