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One of the largest independent public relations firms in the Texas market, Michael A. Burns & Associates believes in integration. It typically works with clients as lead agency of record, managing communications across an array of disciplines, and sees public relations as a management function that should be integrated with other functions rather than operating as a stand-alone discipline. But what really sets Michael Burns apart from the mass of small and midsize public relations firms is a client service philosophy that focuses on nurturing long-term relationships with existing clients over the relentless pursuit of new business and seeks to minimize unnecessary processes rather than maximizing billable hours, something it achieves in part by ensuring senior-level involvement in every account.
 To do that, the firm has invested significantly in senior talent over the past few years, and founder and CEO Michael Burns, a former journalist with an MBA in marketing, whose primary expertise is in the business-to-business arena, has brought on board four additional principals: Susie Lomelino, former CEO of Publicis public relations operations in the Dallas market and head of the firm’s burgeoning consumer group; Neil McGlone, senior vice president and head of the technology group, who previously was global media relations director of Texas Instruments; Jennifer Green, an 11-year veteran of the agency who serves as senior VP and head of the manufacturing and international group; and Lois Weaver, vice president and creative director.
 MB&A grew steadily last year, ending 2006 with revenues of around $2.8 million, up from $2.4 million the previous year, adding accounts in all three key practice areas: B2B, consumer and technology. Major clients of the firm include Fujitsu Transaction Solutions, TAC, Thompson’s Water Seal, Conversis, Pegasus Solutions, and American Leather. Significant additions in 2006 included East Teak Fine Hardwoods, a leading importer of luxury woods; Retalix, an Israeli-based company and leading provider of software for the grocery market; MedBasics, which operates medical clinics in grocery stores; and NexBank, a Dallas-based bank that offers private banking and commercial lending services.
 Highlights included the “Teak Your Interest” campaign, which positioned East Teak as the nation’s leading provider of luxury hardwoods and showcased MB&A’s integrated capabilities, including a logo, website, trade show exhibit and participation, press relations and some advertising. For Fujitsu, meanwhile, the firm launched a “Pervasive Retailing” initiative, a multi-faceted campaign to make retailers aware of Fujitsu’s ability to meet consumers’ demands for a new generation of technology-based shopping experiences.
 MB&A has long had an international focus—it opened offices in Brussels and later Amsterdam, until the terrorist attacks of 2001 diminished demand—and today about 30 percent of its business includes an international dimension. Some, the firm handles internally, while the rest is managed in conjunction with its partners in the Worldcom group.
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