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Founded in 1970 by Peter Lazar, a veteran broadcast journalist and panelist who made his name as a campaigner for fluoridation of the water supply in New South Wales, Professional Public Relations has grown from its Sydney base to become one of Australia’s few genuinely national (it now has additional offices in Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane) and international (Auckland, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai—with plans for a Singapore office in 2008) public relations firms. It employs around 200 consultants and ranks among the market leaders in most of the major Antipodean markets, including Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Brisbane and Melbourne.


`PPR offers an approach that is holistic and sophisticated, drawing on a variety of proprietary tools including an integrated communications planner, an interactive messaging matrix and media databases—it employs an in-house database team that also provides insight and analysis, as well as an in-house team of art, print and digital creatives. The past 12 months have seen a further expansion of the firm’s new media capabilities and the establishment a new division that specializes in CSR and environmental programs.


Peter Lazar continues to serve as chairman, and remains active in both the profession and the community, where he has a history of providing pro bono public relations counsel to a wide range of community organizations. His son, Richard Lazar, himself a 28-year veteran of the public relations industry, now serves as managing director of the firm, and is a leader in crisis and issues management and corporate culture change. Other senior executives include Diana Forrester, director of consulting excellence and general manager of the Canberra office; Melbourne GM Jeremy Wrench; Sally Haysom, who serves in dual roles as general manager of the Sydney office and chairman of the New Zealand operation; Jon Dee, managing director of the firm’s issues solutions environmental and social responsibility issues; and Tony Turner—a veteran of Rowland in Asia and of leading Hong Kong independent Turner Spurrier—as managing director of Greater China.r degree in International Economics. New to the team in 2007 were Lee McLean, who joined as general manager in Brisbane; Michael Ward, former managing director of sustainability consultancy Ecos as senior counsel; former broadcast reporter Indira Naidoo, in the same role, specializing in issues management and government relations.


The firm enjoyed healthy growth across all practice areas and geographies in 2007, with the natural resources technology and professional services sectors and the Melbourne, Western Australia and Greater China operations leading the way—the latter, which launched in 2006 now has 14 people in two offices (Beijing and Shanghai on the mainland, plus Hong Kong), and added new clients including In China new clients included New Balance, CPA Australia, Stelux, Philips, and Crocs. In

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