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The technology sector may not be generating the kind of rampant growth it did in the late 90s, but there’s a case to be made that good public relations are more important to tech companies today than they have ever been. As Singapour Group chairman Thierry Gillmann says, the ability to react quickly to changing market conditions and competitive developments is critical if companies want to survive, but proactivity—the ability to set the agenda—is mandatory if they want to win. That kind of proactivity is what Singapour Relations Publiques offers its client.

            Singapour Relations Publiques is a unit of the independent French group Singapour SAS, which was established 1996 and now employs 60 people in offices in Paris and (since 2001) Lisbon. The firm offers both in-depth expertise in a variety of technology markets and deep personal relationships with key editors in specialised IT publications and the business press, and has expanded its service beyond the media realm to include a range of influencers, including bloggers, and publishes several monthly online magazines offering custom content tailored to opinion leaders. Its staff of about a dozen counsellors—including three full-time editors—has a minimum of six years experience in the technology sector.

Says Pascal Ozanne, marketing director for Citrix in southern Europe: “Citrix needs more than good PR to promote the ‘access’ strategy in France and the profile of a leading, fast growing successful software company. This is why we are working with Singapour for now four years. Together we deliver first class press and analyst programs, but also e-editorials via a blog and a dedicated podcast, two powerful initiatives which wouldn’t have been possible by working with any traditional agency.”

            The firm’s current client list includes software companies such as Adobe, Citrix, Digital Chocolate, Ipanema, Mercury, Pivotal, Sybase, and Symantec; hardware vendors including Ricoh, Tandberg Data, Zebra, Panasonic and Wyse; and services companies like BT Infonet, Compuquali, Lee Hecht Harrison and Kiala.

Over the past decade Singapour has developed solid partnerships with significant technology PR specialists across EMEA, particularly in southern Europe. Acting as a lead agency or as a team member, Singapour, the firm has significant international management and reporting experience.

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