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New York-based Trylon Communications represents the fusion of old-fashioned public relations and new technology. Founder Lloyd Trufelman is definitely old school. Having learned his craft at Howard J. Rubenstein Associates and honed it with media companies such as MTV and CBS, he’s a media maven who understands the value of relationships with reporters and the benefits of positive publicity.

But his firm is focused on two converging industries—media and technology—that often demand new ways of thinking and innovative approaches to cut through the clutter, and so Trylon is prepared to go beyond the basics, offering services ranging from Internet publicity to technology white papers and executive speechwriting. It knows its sector inside and out and it works fast and smart—a winning combination.

                In the late 90s, the firm picked up several dot-com clients, but while 2002 saw revenues from that sector more or less evaporate, the firm was able to replace those revenues with new business that included clients in the information technology, business publishing and telecommunications sectors. New clients included MSN TV Service from Microsoft, Jupiter Research, Corbis, the Gallup Organization’s Tuesday Briefing and Time Inc.’s Business 2.0 Magazine. Perhaps the most intriguing win, however, was the New York City 2012 Olympic Bid, with Trylon managing a grassroots PR effort that helped the city win the support of the United States Olympic Committee.

                Other high-profile New York assignments include the the MSNBC Summit from Ground Zero and the Times Square Business Improvement District global satellite feed of the New Year Eve celebration.
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