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Creativity in PR

Is The PR Industry Creative Enough? Your Opinion Matters

Holmes Report
01 Jul 2014

The PR industry is invited to take part in the third edition of the Holmes Report and Now Go Create's landmark survey into creativity in the PR indust

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Creativity In PR 2013: Clients At Odds With Agencies Over Ideas And Quality

Arun Sudhaman
17 Dec 2013

The client-agency divide extends to perceptions of creative quality and big ideas, according to the new 2013 Creativity in PR study.

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2013 Creativity Study: PR Industry Must Prove Creative Value To Business

Arun Sudhaman
15 Dec 2013

The 2013 edition of the landmark Creativity In PR study launches by revealing that creativity is critical to how businesses perceive PR value.

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Creativity In PR: What Drives Great Work?

Arun Sudhaman
18 Nov 2012

Storytelling and insight are the most popular drivers of great PR work, according to the Creativity In PR study.

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Creativity In PR: Clients Call For Agency Improvement

Arun Sudhaman
16 Nov 2012

40 percent of in-house executives believe that their agencies could improve creatively, according to the Creativity in PR study.

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Creativity In PR: Talent And Toolkit Point To Gap Between Culture And Creativity

Arun Sudhaman
15 Nov 2012

The Creativity In PR study reveals a gap between an industry that views creativity as a core skill, and a culture that does not deliver consistently.

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Creativity In PR: Resourcing Seen As Biggest Barrier

Arun Sudhaman
14 Nov 2012

Resourcing is seen as the biggest barrier to innovation in PR, according to the new Creativity in PR study.

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Creativity In PR: Big Ideas, Creative Quality Emerge As Key Concerns In Landmark Study

Arun Sudhaman
13 Nov 2012

An in-depth study has found that big ideas and creative quality are key concerns for a PR industry that recognises the core importance of creativity.

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RT @holmesreport: Moving Silicon Valley PR Beyond Media Relations

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Edelman Hires APCO's Stephanie Lvovich To Lead Global Public Affairs via @holmesreport |

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Mark Stouse @Mark Stouse

@alistairtweet @holmesreport that's true. Human nature really. But biz value creation by Comms can be predicted and proven, even in B2B.

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RT @JackMartin_TX: Fascinating article written by @HK_London account exec Alex Wilson in @holmesreport. The Rise Of Micro-Content: http://t…

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The Holmes Report @The Holmes Report

Edelman Hires APCO's Stephanie Lvovich To Lead Global Public Affairs

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Alistair Wheate @Alistair Wheate

@markstouse @holmesreport the point I'm making is that many business leaders only realise true value of reputation once it's been lost

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