inVentiv Health and colleagues at sister agency, GSW are excited to have released their fifth annual trends series. The Health Trends report is fueled by clues, examples, stories and big ideas collected by more than 70 trend watchers from around the world.

What’s inside? 2016 will be the year an old debate reignites and simple digital tools fuel an incredible new era of clinical study. The patient journey will be rerouted and the tug of war at the point of care will get much more intense. Caregiving will approach a cliff, healthcare teams will get bigger, and patients will come to the exam room with new expectations. The science of motivation will face a crossroads and you’ll probably lose you Fitbit.

You can download the full report for free here, but here’s a quick look at the eight trends we’re following:

1. Real World Science

We’re at the advent of a new age of clinical study, one that will dramatically amplify the size and scope of research. And, you’re invited to join in.

2. How Much?

The debate may be an old one, but it’s re-energized and raging in 2016. Patients, payers and providers want to know: are these drugs really worth the cost?

3.Healthy Getting Healthier

Already motivated to live better? Good, we’ve got more stuff for you. But, what about the people who aren’t motivated yet?

4. Any Doctor Will Do

In 2016, healthcare is happening everywhere. Consumers are finding healthcare professionals in pods, on iPads, in stores, in living rooms, and more.

5. Prescribed Prescriptions

Payers, administrators, and patients are ripping decision making away from the point of care.

6. Team Health

Consolidation and specialization have created deep benches of professional talent at many practices. For patients, that means a new player, a new face at every visit.

7. First Visit, Second Opinion

Patients are coming into the practice with strong opinions about what’s wrong and what they need to feel better.

8. Caregiver Crunch

Millions of people are doing a job they were never trained for: managing the health and wellness of an aging loved one

This 2016 Trends series includes Digital, Health, Consumer and Communications coverage. The Communications book will publish later this month.

Zach Gerber is a member of the innovation team at GSW, the sister agency of inVentiv Health Public Relations Group.