So I find myself at Terminal A in Buenos Aires airport, waiting for a flight to Sao Paolo, where I will connect to American Airlines flight back to New York. As it happens, the only airline lounge that is open is an American Airlines lounge. I wander in, and knowing what the answer will be, ask whether I can use the lounge for an hour or so, since I have a First Class ticket for an American flight later in the day. The answer, of course, is no. Because the risk that I might siphon off their free wifi, or maybe help myself to lukewarm soda and whatever nasty snacks they serve at the “Admiral’s Club” in Buenos Aires obviously far outweighs any desire to deliver a bearable travel experience to someone who just spent a big chunk of money with them. Which is, of course, why American Airlines—and let’s be honest, any other US-based carrier—remains the airline of last resort for anyone who travels with any frequency.