Global consumers are still more likely to visit a consumer brand’s website than become a Facebook fan or Twitter follower of a CPG brand, regardless of the CPG category, according to a global study conducted by Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods.


Still, websites lag behind Facebook sites in providing a forum for consumer feedback. While consumers consider websites to be the place to go for information about a brand and promotional offers, they find Facebook to be the ideal platform for voicing their opinions and connecting with other customers.


While many consumer products companies have set up Facebook and Twitter pages for their brands, the study finds consumers are more likely to visit the brand’s website, regardless of whether the category is food or beverages, household products, personal products, beauty, or over-the-counter medication.


The main reasons for visiting a website center around obtaining information, such as brand information, coupons, recipes, cleaning tips and health and beauty advice. On the other hand, the main reasons for visiting a brand profile on Facebook and Twitter relate to sharing opinions and experiences and connecting with other customers. Facebook stands out as a virtual platform for the voice of the consumer, with the highest percentage of consumers citing opinion-sharing as the main reason for visiting Facebook.


According to Lauren Demar, CEO of Ipsos Marketing’s  global consumer goods sector, “Our data indicate that brand profiles on Facebook are good complements to CPG Websites. Consumers visit Websites for information and promotional offers; however, when they really want to express their opinions about a CPG brand they turn to Facebook.


“Websites are ideal for sharing information about the brand offer with its consumer franchise. However, Facebook can be leveraged to really listen to what consumers are saying about the brand experience, by providing them with what they may perceive to be a less threatening forum for self-expression. Both Websites and social networking forums like Facebook each have a role to play in establishing and building a bond with the consumer.”