LONDON—The Egyptian Consulate in the UK has appointed consumer consultancy Komodo PR & Digital Communications to handle its social media public diplomacy campaign, after seeing its work on social media for the Royal Norwegian Embassy in the London.

Komodo’s role is to increase the Consulate’s engagement with UK-based audiences and Egyptian citizens living in the UK through social media engagement, and support the Consulate’s cultural, tourism and business activity in the UK. The Consulate aims to use social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to create more open and engaging channels of communication with diverse audiences around the world.

In addition, Komodo will undertake targeted engagement, monitoring and moderation on social media channels.

According to the Consul of the Arab Republic of Egypt (UK), Amr El Henawy: “The Consulate has always seen social media as a strong opportunity to create more open channels of communication with UK and worldwide audiences. We also hope to create a platform for Egyptians abroad to share ideas and create opportunities to help the economy and direction of the country in the coming phase.”