LONDON — Brendon Craigie, who stepped down as Hotwire CEO in March, has co-founded a new European communications agency operating on a model of interdisciplinary, international cooperation.

“The traditional international agency model is inefficient, creatively stagnant, and the antithesis of what it’s meant to be,” said Craigie, who co-founded the new agency, Tyto, with Ellen Raphael, former director of the non-profit Sense About Science. “There’s a new breed of global enterprise, smaller and more agile, that requires a new type of partner to help them address business challenges.”

With a focus on tech, science and innovation – and helping those industries address the range of business challenges – Tyto’s newly coined model, PRWithoutBorders, calls on employees to work as one unit, regardless of differences in expertise and location.

The agency will leverage a range of capabilities and offerings including dedicated insights and content units; creative processes rooted in Silicon Valley thinking; advanced technology; and research.

Tyto has launched with a nine-person team staffing offices in the UK, France, Germany and Spain.  Six of those staffers come from Hotwire, which Craigie left after 16 years with the company, Tyto said in announcing its launch.

Additionally, Tyto’s fees will be based on results vs. time spent, the agency said. Craigie credited technology for enabling Tyto employees to work as a single team rather than in silos.

“This is a paradigm shift for the creative process, which often relies on narrow thinking from an international agency’s hub, which is then farmed out for localization,” Craigie said. “It also means we can execute faster and more efficiently because we don’t have a bloated agency hierarchy and infrastructure.”