Breast cancer continues to take nearly 3000 victims each year in Bulgaria, but there is still no national strategy for prevention and monitoring of the disease that affects tens of thousands of families. For eight years now AVON supports the National Cancer Medical Center and Bulgarian women in unequal battle against breast cancer. With its campaign From Love to Life, introduced in 2003 in Bulgaria, AVON provides mobile research facilities and over 23,000 free check-ups of women throughout the country.

For 8 years 65% of the Bulgarian women recognize the campaign From Love to Life as the strongest initiative against breast cancer and directly associate it with AVON. The campaign comes in the textbooks of PR and won 10 international and 5 national awards for the past 5 years. If we cannot by all this change the Governmental policy, can we instead get to every Bulgarian family, to impose a culture of prophylaxis and provide advanced prevention? With this question in mind we started the campaign in 2010 with the sole aim to link emotionally the company's mission of AVON with every Bulgarian woman. We believe it is possible - with the power of creativity, with the voice of local celebrities, with the support of the media and especially the responsibility to follow a transparent policy and accountability in our effort to achieve real results and change lives. We knew that to accomplish this we need not less than all the media as partners, every fan of the campaign as an active participant, whole communities to create events and every celebrity to have its role.

Thus From Love to Life 2010 began with a special event to thank all our partners (40 media, 35 celebrities and 5 organisations from different domains) to whom we presented a new plan for partnership with private hospitals. We started a prevention project on a whole new level – with a digitization of the records for medical check-ups and long term follow ups and reviews of the results of every woman that passed an examination in the campaign. For this goal was created a special software - sort of basis for a screening programs, which in future can be implemented on national governmental level.

Every year the From Love to Life campaign’s focus was on a different message which in an emotional yet practical way we applied in media and BTL campaigns, events and promotional materials. For the eighth year of the campaign we united under the motto Teach Me all the knowledge and achievements made from love to life.

We invited the Good Will Ambassadors of our campaign, our partners and the followers of the campaign to create together all the year round and they accepted the challenge to learn to cope with difficulties and the unusual roles in which we have put them. All they taught us that there is no limit while striving to express your desire to live.

Musicians, actors and TV anchors painted pink ribbons in public places in the capital with messages about health, life and support; accompanied volunteers for examinations; took part in different media initiatives and special covers.

We managed to attract bloggers and other online influencers with a special invitation to take pictures and write about the ribbons of the different stars arranged all around Sofia. Dozens of followers in the country found out through the blogs what is written on each of the authors ribbons „Teach me ...". The Facebook community participated with their own messages in various ways and provocative interpretations of the pink ribbon symbol. The most proactive of them were invited to participate in the shooting of the campaign’s TVC.

The Teach Me video was broadcasted free of charge from 47 electronic media. That was their way of inviting everyone to the biggest event within the campaign – the concert “From Love to Life. For the first time the event was a pro-bono filmed and broadcast by the top-rated TV station in the country. Especially for the concert the favourite song of many Bulgarians - "Tomorrow" - an anthem created for the campaign received a new arrangement. Being deeply moved by the live performance of the song from 11 pop, jazz and ethnic singers and 50 musicians, the audience gave them a standing ovation in the largest concert hall in the country. 22 Celebrities from various fields participated in the grand charity show.

Photo enthusiasts, volunteers and supporters of the campaign shot "From Love to Life" and created an unforgettable exhibition thanks to our partnership with the largest forum on the Balkans for photography, which dedicated its annual contest on the fight against breast cancer.

We learned that we are together in our biggest goals and once again AVON donated additional funds for medical check-ups doubling the amount of 15 000 BGN collected only by selling products through charitable concerts.

• 80% of the Bulgarian women are aware of From Love to Life campaign and associate AVON Bulgaria with it;
• More than 330 publications in the national and local media;
• 18 covers in television and radio broadcasts
• A record number of media partners broadcasted the video „Teach me” - 22 Internet portals, 10 TV and 15 radio stations;
• 17 of the most beloved popular singers and actors and an orchestra of 54 musicians participated in the charity concert “From Love to Life”;
• The TV with the highest rating in Bulgaria – bTV broadcasted exclusively the whole concert 2 times, with almost 250,000 viewers the first time.
• More than 3 000 free preventive examinations for breast cancer were executed only for 1 year and over 22 000 for the entire campaign.