WASHINGTON — FTI Consultants has tapped Tom Crawford, who previously led government relations for the Americas, to head the the firm's communications group’s newly-created global advisory practice.

The new practice is made up of multidisciplinary industry specialists from across FTI’s global offices. They are charged with helping companies manage the range of challenges that could impede their ability to operate around the world.

“Globalization no longer means ‘market access,’ as countries are exercising sovereignty by taxing, regulating and protecting their markets, companies and resources in the context of national interest,” said Marc McCall, global leader of the firm’s strategic communications segment.

“There is a fundamental shift in how companies must adapt to gain or maintain ‘freedom to operate’ – the ability to execute its business plan and level the playing field without interference or disadvantage. Our new global advisory practice under Tom’s leadership provides a valuable solution for companies by leveraging the FTI global platform, delivering bespoke stakeholder engagement and communications solutions, as well as producing results at scale,” he said.

Crawford has nearly three decades of experience advising companies on issues such as tax policy, regulation and crisis management. He was a founding partner of government affairs and lobbying firm C2 Group, which was acquired by FTI in 2013.