MIAMI—A conversation with IBM marketing and communications chief Jon Iwata, an examination of the ways developments in behavioral sciences impact the practice of public relations, a look at the continued importance of personal connections in a digital age, and a discussion of the agency of the future will be among the highlights of the second day of The Holmes Report’s first Global Public Relations Summit.

The Summit is being held in Miami from October 29-31 and will feature dozens of industry leaders from both the client and agency sides of the business, as well as outside experts from the worlds of academia, media and marketing.

Featured panelists on the second day of the Summit will include international clients Carlotta Anderloni of Chicco Artsana; Ma Limin of Perfetti Van Melle, and Kori Reed of ConAgra Foods discussing the way in which people and purpose can drive reputation; Jackson Schneider of Brazilian company Embraer discussing challenges and opportunities in Latin America; Andy Pharoah of Wrigley on corporate culture and business change; and Meena Handu of Microsoft India and Angela Nganga-Mumo, Orange Kenya on emerging markets.

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Breakfast Roundtables
A variety of intimate roundtable discussions (groups of 10-20 for each roundtable) including Jens Bang of Cone (Corporate Social Responsibility); John Davies of California public affairs firm Davies (Communicating From Why); Alan Kelly of Playmaker Systems (Simulation and Wargaming); Luke Lambert of Gibbs & Soell (Sustainability); Ian Lipner of Lewis PR (PR Measurement), and Dominic Payling and Kelly Walsh of MSLGroup (Storytelling).

Welcome and Introduction
Arun Sudhaman, The Holmes Group
Dave Senay, CEO, Fleishman-Hillard

Title to be announced
Description to follow
Moderator: Harris Diamond, CEO, Weber Shandwick
Speaker: Jon Iwata, IBM

Persuasion, Empathy, and Neural Coupling: Where PR Meets Mr. Spock
Three top scientists reveal their explorations into changing minds and crafting stories that trigger empathy at the neuron level of the brain. Learn how communications can elevate its work to new scientific levels.
Moderator: Chris Graves, CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Panelists: Uri Hasson, Princeton University; Raymond Mar, York University; Jason Reifler, Georgia State University

Coffee Break, networking

The Growing Importance of Personal Connections in an Increasingly Impersonal World
In the midst of a changing and evolving communications landscape there is an ever-increasing and immediate need for empathy. Companies must be able to refine their message in order to connect with specific markets and show their business is operating with the public’s best interest in mind. There is a struggle to find the words that really connect—both in a personal and online sense—and messages that go one step further and move an empowered public to take action. How can businesses succeed in finding true connections with their digital audiences? What resonates with an empowered public? How can companies be empathetic via online channels?
Moderator: Jack Martin, CEO, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Panelists to be announced

Are You PurPle?
In a world where trust is in decline and social media are empowering people, what does it take to be a good corporate citizen? How should major organizations make it happen, leveraging purpose and maximizing people potential? Purpose is no longer just about responsible actions and supporting causes; it has become a true North star for companies, guiding everything they do. This panel will focus on Purpose + People: Purpose is about opportunity and potential. People make it real with their insights and passion. PurPle is all about change management and collaborative social innovation.
Moderator: Pascal Beucler, MSLGroup
Panelists Scott Beadoin, Davide Jucker, Gaurav Mishra, MSLGroup;  Carlotta Anderloni, Chicco Artsana; Ma Limin, Perfetti Van Melle; Kori Reed, ConAgra Foods


Designing The Agency for the Future
The communications landscape is dramatically different than it was ten--even two-- years ago. It will also be different two years from now. To address changing client needs—especially those brought about by the influence of digital and social media and growing need for real-time engagement—agencies of all kinds are taking a close look at their business models and transforming the way they serve clients.  Global agency leaders from the US and Europe discuss how they’ve adapted to these changes and what they’re doing to stay in front of an ever-changing landscape.
Moderator: Jim Nail, vp and principal analyst, Forrester Research
Panelists: Tom Beckman, PrimePR; Fred Cook, GolinHarris; Fraser Hardie, Blue Rubicon; Barry Wacksman, R/GA

To Be Announced

Coffee Break, networking

Breakout Sessions. Attendees will be able to choose from:

Successfully Entering Asia: A Matter of What to Know
As more Western brands seek entry into Asia, many are quickly discovering that there are numerous obstacles to overcome before realising any rewards. In China, for example, the challenges that companies are confronted with include the language barrier, diverse spectrum of cultures, distinct business styles and vast media landscape. All of these factors must be carefully considered by any foreign company, irrespective of shape or size, when aiming to tap the market successfully.
Moderator: Richard Tsang, CEO, Strategic Public Relations Group
Panelists include Anthony Rose, Walmart

Communication in Latin America: Language as the New Frontier
In the modern world, it is impossible to create a new global brand without the Internet, but the Internet can also create crises and damage reputation. In either case, digital communication is conditioned by language but not by national boundaries. In such an environment, does strategy need to be determined by language rather than by national boundaries, particularly in Latin America. This panel will help companies prepare for the challenges.
Moderator: Nuria Vilanova, founder and CEO, Inforpress
Panelists: Felipe Gomez, Alpina; Jackson Schneider, Embraer; Jose Manuel Velasco, FCC; Tiago Vidal, Sonae Sierra

The Emergence of Social Commerce
The convergence of communications and analytics is resulting in an evolution of how we view the paid/owned/shared/earned media model.  In many respects, earned is becoming the leader and will increasingly guide the effective use of paid media, in the future. The result of this new alchemy is the birth of Social Commerce, which enables communicators to create demand and drive revenue. We are now capable of building Social Commerce strategies that evolve our overall sales strategy, as well as effectively position our brand’s story. The panel will discuss what is working and what challenges lay ahead.
Moderator: Aaron Strout, head of location based marketing, W2O Group
Panelists: Becky Brown, Intel; Yann Gourvennec, Orange; Bob Pearson, W2O Group; David Witt, Hershey

How Compelling Culture Can Drive Business Change
While fast-growing, global companies have a lot going for them, they can lose it all if they’re not grounded in something beyond the traditional measures of success. That “something” is a global culture that embodies the distinct face and feeling of a brand, while embracing the local flavors that establish relevance and connect with employees. Culture walks hand in hand with reputation; it’s what energizes a company's workforce and what a brand becomes known for. This panel will explore how an authentic and compelling global culture can drive positive business change, influence decisions and, in many cases, empower a company to accomplish the seemingly impossible.
Moderator: Elise Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell Communications Group
Panelists include Andy Pharoah, Wrigley

Breakout Sessions. Attendees will be able to choose from:

Communicating Through Controversy: When Reputation is on the Line
Description to follow
Moderator: Sandra MacLeod, CEO, Echo Research
Panelists include Stephen Whitehead, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Global Sustainability Communications: Navigating the Digital Landscape
This panel will aim to present sustainability, environmental, CSR and corporate communications professionals with an approach—in the form of a visual map, infographic style—that can help them prioritise key global digital influencers, communities and platforms. It will seek to map out the typical digital landscape critical in driving and shaping conversations on a specific sustainability issue such as climate change, waste, traceability, carbon or food security.
Moderator: Sarah Howe, head of Future Planet, Grayling
Panelists to be announced

The New Public Affairs
This session will discuss the grassroots and social media driven campaigns that have replaced traditional advocacy models and are radically redefining communication strategies around the world. In particular, the panel will offer insights into two recent campaigns with clear lessons for all those engaged in advocacy in an increasingly digital world: Sprint’s successful campaign to oppose AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, which out-maneuvered the immense resources of a lobbying giant; and the coordinated campaign by some of the world’s leading technology companies to prompt significant grassroots opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act.
Moderator to be confirmed
Panelists include Bill White, Sprint Nextel

Public Relations in Emerging Markets
Description to follow
Moderator: Madan Bahal, CEO, Adfactors
Panelists: Mohamed Al-Ayed, TRACCS; Meena Handu, Microsoft; Angela Nganga-Mumo, Orange Kenya