LONDON--The Holmes Report and Now Go Create are looking to explore the PR industry’s attitude towards creativity in 2012.

In the current economic climate the importance of innovation has never been greater. Every agency and client is challenged to deliver breakthrough ideas, and the industry has recently been criticised for not being creative enough.

The 10-minute survey is part of a new Holmes Report initiative that aims to better showcase the public relations industry’s creative capabilities. Housed on the Holmes Report website, the new initiative will feature regular examples of cutting-edge PR creativity and content creation. In addition, the Holmes Report is currently in the process of compiling a landmark study that will benchmark the most awarded PR campaigns in the world.

The survey itself will be supplemented by qualitative research into the views of key CMOs and industry figures. If you work in the PR industry, your opinion is welcomed - you can access the survey here, or answer the questions in the form below. 

The study is co-authored by the Holmes Report and Now Go Create, a consultancy that helps companies and agencies improve their creative techniques. The survey aims to gauge opinions and attitudes towards the topic of creativity,  exploring such areas as the role of creativity in the PR environment; the processes and practices in place to deliver breakthrough ideas; and the challenges that stymie the deveopment of a creative culture within the PR industry.

"Creativity is a much bandied-about and over-used word in PR," said Now Go Create founder Claire Bridges. "With something often regarded as intangible and hard to quantify, how do you set objectives and create a climate for creativity everyday? There are many factors affecting creativity and we’re looking to identify and quantify how creative output can be delivered consistently."



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