MADRID—Llorente & Cuenca has appointed Jordi Sevilla as vice president to develop a new practice under the banner of “economic context.”

Sevilla is an economist who belongs to the Spanish Senior Corps of Commercial Technicians & State Economists, after having held various positions in the Spanish government, including chief of staff to the Minister of Economy & Finance and later Minister of Public Administration. Most recently, he was head of the economic team for the Socialist Party’s presidential candidate Pedro Sánchez.

The new practice will focus on analyzing the economic context in which client companies operate, in order to better understand what is happening, anticipate what may happen, and respond to the rapidly changing environment.

This practice will launch consultancy services that enable analysis and forecasting of economic and social contexts, as well as studies, advisory services and training for executive teams, and positioning of interests in public debate.

“Every minute, there is breaking news around the world on matters that impact on our businesses,” says Sevilla. “But we do not always have the luxury of time to select, classify, analyze, and draw conclusions. We make too many decisions based on instinct alone, increasing the risks that are inherent in any action. With this new area, we will help our clients transform information into useful knowledge that leads to smart decisions.”