SINGAPORE—Brendan Wood International, a capital markets intelligence agency, and Asian public relations firm Mileage Group have formed a strategic partnership to serve corporate clients in Asia. The new venture combines global investor intelligence with local investor relations strategy and communications expertise.

Brendan Wood International founded its global Shareholder Confidence Index 33 years ago, providing directors and officers of public corporations worldwide with access to all levels of investor purchasing and divestment intentions regarding their companies.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Mileage Group has 11 offices across seven Asian countries.

The partnership allows MG to leverage on BWI’s professional network and quantitative toolkit to provide local consulting and advisory services, enhanced with global shareholder intelligence, to Asia’s leading public companies.

“Increasingly, we find our clients asking us not only ‘How can I improve?’, but also ‘How am I performing?’” says Yap Boh Tiong, chairman of the Mileage Group. “The traditional problem has been that companies often can only react to stock price movements, when shareholders have already voted with their feet. Our partnership with BWI means that we know who the ideal target shareholders are and exactly what these investors want from management and the board.”