MIAMI—Noted academics Uri Hasson (pictured), Jason Reifler and Raymond Mar, leaders in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, will be among the outside experts addressing senior public relations practitioners from around the world at the first Global Public Relations Summit, taking place in Miami this October 30 and 31.

The trio will be part of a panel on “Persuasion, Empathy, and Neural Coupling” sponsored by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and chaired by the firm’s global chief executive Chris Graves.

Uri Hasson is an assistant professor in the psychology department and the Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University. His research program if focused on understanding how the brain processes real-life complex information and interacts with the environment, with a focus on integration of complex information over time and the interaction between two individuals and two brains during natural communication.

Jason Reifler is currently an assistant professor of political science at Georgia State University, studying political behavior and focusing specifically on correcting factual misperceptions held by citizens, public attitudes about foreign policy, and voting behavior. He is also co-author of Paying the Human Costs of War.

Raymond Mar is an associate professor of psychology at York University. His research explores the relation between story-processing and social-processing using the methods of neuroscience, social and personality psychology, and developmental psychology. He is the co-editor of, an online magazine on the psychology of fiction.