NEW YORK—MSLGroup has launched MSL On Queue, “an alternative monitoring platform” designed to better understand trends, styles and opinions of young trendsetters on an ongoing basis.

By engaging with young concert attendees in queue, MSL and its clients will gain access to survey results and polling data, man-on-the-street interviews and trend forecasting based on these interactions. The firm will customize these interactions for clients by monitoring upcoming shows and choosing the right events to target specific demographics. The service can also be replicated to target a variety of demographics for client needs.

"The world's most popular artists perform in New York every night, and their fans stand in line at our front door to see them," says Brian Williams, vice-president in MSL New York's consumer group, and MSL On Queue manager. "MSLGroup recognizes this is an incredible resource to offer our clients a rapid, efficient and cost-effective peek into many of the audiences and groups they seek to influence."

MSL On Queue will be offered to existing agency clients as a value-added service providing immediate access to teen and young-adult influencers for quick turn-around reports and feedback. The agency will also offer the platform as a service-for-fee for businesses or brands that are not currently on the agency's roster. This offering will also expand to integrate the content and insights both on and offline.