LONDON — Independent integrated marketing agency Octopus Group has been tapped by Swedish tech company EasyPark to support the European launch of Find & Pay, a new app that allows users to remotely find and pay for parking. 

EasyPay has tasked Octopus with coordinating a wide scale launch for the app across city planners and local authorities while engaging consumers as it hits the European market. Particularly, the Brand to Sales agency has worked with the company on launch messaging, its strategy for a global media launch, and social media with a focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

The agency is currently under a six-month contract with the tech company, however the relationship is expected to continue. Octopus Group declined to comment on the budget.

"Octopus Group's passion for our mission clearly came across from the beginning. This, in conjunction with a clear understanding of our technology and the power of their brand to sales proposition made it an easy choice," said Matthew Tooth, PR and social media manager, EasyPark. 

EasyPark developed the app after investing  €10m and a decade of research. The predictive parking guidance technology navigates users towards areas with the highest probability of parking availability using transaction data with crowd-sourced location information. According to Octopus Group, Find & Pay uses big data, predictive analytics and machine learning reduce the time it takes to find parking in busy cities by up to 50%.

The app will launch in Stockholm in September, 2017 before becoming available in 30 other major European cities in the fall. 

"We're hugely excited to be working with EasyPark. Their brilliant technology is helping solve a frustrating problem faced by every motorist," said Toby Brown, client director, Octopus Group.