LONDON—Shine Communications has launched a new proprietary planning system that includes 12 individual tools and analysis techniques. The new planning system, together with Shine’s measurement system Eric, will tie campaigns back to business benefits.

The new tools include:
• Shine1 Planning Stage Model: A seven-step journey through planning, from developing consumer insight, drafting a positioning, writing a communications platform, story angle and messaging, communications channels to agreeing final measurement tools.
• The Shine1 Power Grid: Takes a brand and a limitless number of competitors through a research-based journey to establish the key challenges across five key metrics—awareness, differentiation, connectivity, relevance and admiration—to ensure a campaign is resolutely focused on the communication need.
• The Shine1 Strategy Map: Pushes an articulation of strategy, objectives, platform and messages on one page, and connects it back to audience insight.
• The Shine1 Touchpoint Model: Helps establish which channel is the best for a campaign, given the objectives, business and commercial need.
• The Shine1 Media Map: A media strategy development tool that articulates messages, spokespeople, channels and media all in one place. This is underpinned by Pulse, Metrica’s media planning tool, which Shine1 uses as a development device.

Says Richard Brett (pictured), joint managing director of Shine and head of strategy: “We’ve put all of our work and insight into a robust system that will ensure all our people are able to, and are resolutely focused on, strategic insight, channel planning and commercial objectives.”