DALLAS — Smart transportation company Verra Mobility, which historically has focused on traffic cams and toll payments, has named Golin its agency of record following a competitive pitch.

Golin’s Dallas office will lead the work for Verra with support from the agency’s Chicago and New York operations

The agency’s first remit as AOR is to position Verra Mobility as a leader in the smart mobility and smart cities space. The larger mandate is elevating earned media coverage and executive visibility for the brand and president and CEO, David Roberts, through increased media relations efforts, brand reputation strategies and social media.

Verra was launched last June via a rebranding of its predecessor American Traffic Solutions, which included putting three legacy brands  —American Traffic Solutions (ATS), Highway Toll Administration (HTA) and Euro Parking Collection (EPC) —under Verra’s umbrella. The company went public last October.

Earlier this year, Verra  issued the RFP to identify an agency that could lead the elevation and positioning of the new brand name, highlighting the CEO’s leadership, to external stakeholders, Golin said.