SAN FRANCISCO—W2O Group, parent company of healthcare public relations firm WCG, has formed a strategic partnership with LiquidGrids to focus on creating new analytic models and tools that map the disease pathway of online patient communities.

LiquidGrids software turns a collection of healthcare dialogue into relevant strategic data through the development of customized grids. The company was created by founder and CEO Malcolm Bohm, who has previously helped build and sell several companies in the healthcare space, including Aspreva and Trialytics.

According to Bob Pearson (pictured), W2O Group president: “The days of large direct to consumer spending with questionable return on investment are ending. Physicians and patients meet in the doctor’s office to determine how to best combat their disease and disorder at most 12 times per year. We have 353 days where we can and should provide additional value that will transform health.”

The partnership will lead to new products that outline multiple disease pathway models and provide a range of ways to target and interact, appropriately, at each stage.

WCG and Twist Mktg, W2O Group companies, conduct daily listening for more than 100 brands in the healthcare marketplace today across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and health technology and services.