SAN JOSE, CA--Cloud computing player Wyse Technology is seeking a broad level of public relations support to accompany increasing demand for the company’s products.

According to sources involved in the process, Wyse has contacted several agencies regarding its global PR needs, which span North America, Latin America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. The budget is estimated at upwards of $1m.

Wyse is a leader in the cloud computing space, competing in particular with HP through its “thin clients” - computers that replicate the PC experience by using virtualization technology. The trend towards Wyse’s products has sparked many observers to envisage a “post-PC world”.

According to one source, Wyse is searching for an agency to help it define a stronger thought leadership position. “They want to be positioned within cloud, via better trade press coverage and spokesperson visibility,” said the source.

Other Wyse competitors include N Computing, Centerm, Igel and VXL Instruments. The company recently announced plans to enter the SaaS market via Project Stratus, a cloud-based service that will enable organizations to manage all of the devices owned by a company or its employees.

Wyse has previously worked with McGrath/Power, which helped reinvigorate the company’s brand after it went private.

A Wyse spokesperson declined to comment.