Podcast: One Hazy Chicago Afternoon
Charting the future of public relations
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Podcast: One Hazy Chicago Afternoon

In this Hacks & Flacks episode, we explore how data can tell a great story.

March Communications

Podcast: One Hazy Chicago Afternoon

Data can tell a great story, and research campaigns are how you find that data. In this Hacks & Flacks episode, the hosts talk to March Research Manager Jeremy Guterl, Steph Jackman and Samantha Bell about their recent work developing, distributing and promoting a successful PR research campaign.
Jeremy defines the difference between media-genic and strategic research, and walks us through every step of the research process. Steph provides a blueprint for conducting media outreach for a campaign, and Sam explains why clear, impactful data points help you capture the interest of readers and the media.
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March Communications — the producer of Hacks & Flacks — is the sponsor for the Holmes Report's podcast the Echo Chamber.  


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